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Financial Education Alliance Corporation

Creating brighter financial futures. 


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Credit Protection

Protecting against credit fraud has become increasingly difficult.  Millions of people have fallen victim to identity theft.  Products which monitor against fraud are instrumental in protecting people against identity theft. 

Income Protection

Every family's livelihood is dependent on income.  Without it, life would be severely disrupted which is why income protection is so significant.  Securing income in the event of loss is instrumental in creating a solid financial foundation.

Debt Protection

 "8 out of 10 Americans are currently living in debt"-CNBC Study.  Developing a comprehensive strategy for debt elimination is a pivotal step toward achieving financial freedom.

Executive Bonus Plans

This specific protection plan is paid by a company to cover an executive.  The premium can be deducted as a tax exempt contribution. Executive bonus plans are an excellent way to attract and maintain a company's most indispensable employees.

Long Term Care

"No well planned retirement should be without long term care.  It is the cornerstone of retirement security." - Suze Orman  

Long term care insures that future health challenges do not financially destroy your nest egg.

Mortgage Protection

For most Americans the purchase of a home will be the greatest financial purchase in a lifetime.  Protecting that investment provides considerable peace of mind to families.  Mortgage protection products are to securing peace of mind in case of loss.

Health Insurance

Protecting your health is instrumental for a productive life.  Finding the right health plan for the right cost during open enrollment season can be a confusing process.  Contacting one of our health insurance agents can assist with navigating the process effectively. 

Key Man Protection

Key person protection products are placed on any key members of a business and protects a company against loss of the individual,

Legal Protection

For most Americans the purchase of a home will be the greatest financial purchase in a lifetime.  Protecting the investment provides considerable peace of mind to families.  

Short Term Disability

The short term disability protection product pays an employee a percentage of their salary in the event of injury or illness for a specified period of time.  The product ensures that financial obligations can be met in the event of an incident prohibiting an employee from working.